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Arctic Nature Adventure!
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About ANA

We feel that Vardø with its location in the arctic will be the best location from where to explore the arctic nature and what it may offer.

We are located in the arctic, as the only European town, and what is our foremost advantage, the short distance between the different attractions and experiences.

We have the opportunity to give the customer short, intense adventures and experiences. A tourist may spend the day at sea, maybe fishing, whale sightseeing, or perhaps diving. And after enjoying a fantastic meal at the hotel or at Bødtkeriet, spend the evening and the night at one of the many lakes… calm waters, the midnight sun looking over the mountains and the surface of the lake is almost alive with fish.

This is unique for Vardø, very few, if any, can give the customer this variation of experiences.

We also have great areas which will give those who are interested in it days in the mountains, with countless rivers and creeks and lakes for fishing. And the same areas will give the hunter an endless amount of small game. We can and will be able to give the customer a feeling of being one with the nature, being able to master it, a feeling fewer and fewer have the chance of feeling in the everyday life, and more and more people in the western civilization seek.