"An experience of life -- for life!"
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Arctic Nature Adventure!
Arctic Nature Arctic Nature Arctic Nature

We would like you to spend time with us and take part in the possibilities we enjoy on a daily basis. At Ana's this idea has formed our values and vision, which is our guidelines and goal for your stay with us.

Our values is reflections of what you may expect of the nature and experiences here with us. These are WILD, EXOTIC, HOSPITABLE and SURPRISING.

Our vision is also a direct e reflection of what the nature, history, culture and not at least the inhabitants will provide.

Our vision is; "ARCTIC NATURE ADVENTURE will give the customer an experience of life -- for life."

By this we feel that the experiences you will have here with us is unique, real and will last a lifetime. You shall not be surprised if you find that your heart is lost in Vardø after your stay here. We hope so!

We shall give you an experience of the possibilities and challenges that comes with living in the arctic. From feeling the adrenaline flow through the veins when you are deep sea rafting and the boat hardly touches the waves, to feeling the humbleness for the arctic nature at its best when it gives the customer an glimpse of its tremendous richness when a 80 foot whale slowly passes the boat just feet away, or the enormous colonies of different seabirds almost skimming you when you enter the island Hornøya, or perhaps the tremendous resources that lies beneath the waves in form of an fantastic fishing. And the feeling of calmness unknown to the customer, when the coffee is brewed on the campfire, the fish bites on the fly and the midnight sun is showing itself from its best side possible.

Experiences that varies from adrenalin kicks to the feeling of being one with the nature, the calmness and peace. ENJOYMENT!

You will enjoy your stay here with us!